Wednesday Home Workout: Complete Upper Body

By: Keith


Wednesday Workout:  The Upper Body Ouch!


It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another workout.  Today I’m introducing a good upper body workout.  It takes 25-30 minutes and, at the end, you’ll feel like you’ve completed a full upper body routine.  In the video (at the bottom of this page) you’ll notice that I use a tree limb to demonstrate the pull-ups and chin ups.  My pull-up bar inside the house is in a really inconvenient spot for filming so I had to use the tree instead.  You get the idea.   It’s a difficult workout so don’t feel bad if you have to modify some of the exercises.  You can use a chair to assist you with pull-ups for instance.  You can do the push-ups on your knees if you’d like.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.  I hope you enjoy it.


 2 Minute Run in Place and 2 Minutes Jumping Jacks


25-50 Push-ups: Normal width.  Do them on your knees if you can’t do them on your toes.  Optimal depth is your chest no more than a fist’s width from the floor on each push up.


Pull-ups: Knuckles out, do as many as you can.

10-20 Side Lying Tricep Push: Watch the video.  Lie on your right side and grab your left shoulder with your right hand.  Push into the floor with your left arm and raise your body off the ground.  Do 10-20 on each side.

15-25 Hanging Bicycles: Hang from a pull-up bar and bicycle your feet in front of you.  This works your abs and upper legs.

15-25 Left to Right Push-ups: Get into push-up position.  Walk your hands and feet to the right and do a push-up.  Then go back to the left two steps and do another push-up.


Chin-ups: Knuckles toward you, do as many as you can.


15-30 Chair Dips: Grab on to the edge of a chair with your body facing away and legs extended on the ground.  Dip low and as close to the chair as you can get. Then push back up to starting position.


15-25 Hanging Knee Tucks: Hang on the pull-up bar and tuck your knees to the bar as many times as you can.


2 Minutes Run in Place


15-30 Narrow Push-ups: Same as regular push-ups except your hand position is narrow.  Your elbows will scrape your ribs.


Narrow Grip Pull-ups: Knuckles out and hands close together.  Do as many as you can


10-30 Diamond Push-ups: Put your hands in a diamond shape (index fingers and thumbs) and get into push-up position.  Lower your body and touch your chest to the diamond.  This works chest and triceps.


10-20 Side Plank Dips: With your right hand on the ground put your left on your hip.  You’ll be rotated as if in push-up position but facing the wall rather than the floor.  Dip your hips to the ground and raise them back up as far as they can go.  You can also do it with your elbow on the ground.


5-10 One Arm Push-ups: Exactly what it sounds like.  Do one arm push-ups.  Watch the video and do your best.


Chin-ups Hang 15-? seconds: Hang from the pull-up bar in chin-up position for as long as you can.


10-20 Rocking Table Butt Raises: Watch the video.  You’ll sit in L position on the floor with your hand pressing into the ground beside you.  Rock up to table top position and back down to L position without touching the ground with your butt.  Up and down is 1 rep.


15/15 Stack Boxes: Stand with your feet hip’s width apart.  Get a weight of some kind (anything will do: bricks, books, whatever).  Reach down behind your left foot without moving your feet and lift the weight up over your right shoulder as if on a high shelf.  This works your abs, back and shoulders. Do about 15 on each side.


2 Minutes Jump Rope


Here is the video:



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