No Warm Up Workout

By: Keith

Here is a strengthening workout of approximately 30 minutes that doesn’t require a warm up beforehand.  Some of the exercises will be hard at the beginning.  Don’t get discouraged; they will become easier as you gain strength and flexibility.  Watch the video at the end to see a demonstration of each exercise.  Do your best and enjoy the workout!

8 Modified Vinyasa to Down Dog: This series of movements makes for a great warm up while still being a good exercise.  Do them somewhat slowly, and don’t push too hard.

10 Modified Side to Side Lunges: This will start opening your hips while working in some thigh strength.

20 Lunge Punches: A continuation of the last move but adding some punches to incorporate the upper body.

10-20 Chair Shoulder Presses: If you’re advanced then you can do hand stand push-ups on the wall.  If you’re a beginner you can do these with your feet on the ground or just hold down dog for a while.  Otherwise, put your feet on a chair and your palms on the ground.  Bend at the waist and do shoulder presses.

15 Pulsing Lunges from Push-Up: Start in down dog and bring one of your feet to a lunge on the outside of your hand.  Pulse once and switch your feet without picking up your hands from the floor.  Take your time with these and do NOT pulse too hard to start the move.

50 Mountain Climbers: Ordinary mountain climbers.  Go as fast as you want.  Form is not important; a quick heart rate is important.

30 Seconds each Chair Pose/Toe Touch/Chair Pose: Now you get to relax.  Start standing and bend to touch your toes.  Now bend your knees, keep your heels on the ground and knees together.  Raise your hands to the ceiling while maintaining the pose.  It’s good for the back.  Hold for 30 seconds, come out to touch your toes for 30 and then go back in for another 30 seconds.

10 Frog to Crow to Down Dog: This is a somewhat difficult move for some people.  If you think it’s a bit beyond you then simply skip crow and stay in frog (you can step back to down dog).  Remember, it’s not about proving something, it’s about exercising within you limit until that limit changes.

30 Second Elbow Balance Each side: Somewhat of a rest here.  Just maintain a side elbow balance (or on your hand — whatever) for 30 seconds on each side.

5-10 Runners’ Stretch to Airplane Balance: Starting in down dog, bring one foot forward to a runner’s stretch (or warrior 1, doesn’t matter).  Push into the front leg and pop up into one leg airplane balance.  Hold it for a second or two and carefully lower back down.  Do 5 to 10 on one side before going through down dog to switch sides.

5 One Leg Squats: I wish I could do these reliably without holding onto something for balance, but I can’t.  If you can do it without balancing on something then go for it!  Anyway, just do one leg squats in whatever way works best for you.

1 Minute Hand Stand: Get against the wall (fingers about 3 inches from it) and kick up into hand stand.  Chill out for a while and let your shoulders work.

15-25 Burpees: Burpees aren’t fun for me, but I do them because they’re a great exercise.  Start standing and bend down and put your hands flat on the ground next to your feet.  Kick back to plank and do a push up.  Bring your feet back to your hands and stand up again.  Repeat 15-25 times.

12 Kicking Stretch, 12 Crescent Kick: Watch the video for this.  I used to do these as part of my martial arts classes and they’re really great.  Get into a front stance and keeping your back leg straight, kick it up in front of you.  Do 12 the switch legs and do 12 on the other side.  Switch again and do 12 crescent kicks from a front stance (swing your leg from the inside of your body to the outside and return it to the starting position).  Switch and do the other side.

10 Lunge from Runner stance to Front Kick: Last Move!  Start in Down Dog and bring one foot forward to runners stretch.  Now, push into that front leg and pop right up to do a front kick with the leg that was in back.  Go right back to runners stance.  Do 10 on one side before switching.

Here is the video:

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  1. Dennis Yu April 2, 2010 at 7:23 am #

    Man, I’m tired from just watching the exercise!


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