Loving Jumping Jacks

By: Keith


Watch the demo video at the end of the descriptions!   



This is a 20 minute cardio workout.  It’s quick, it’s relatively easy and it’s definitely refreshing.  It alternates between easy jumping jacks, abs and hip and butt moves.  You’ll like it.   


2 Minutes Run in Place   


200 Jumping Jacks   


25 – 50 In and Outs: Sit up, put your arms by your ears and raise your legs off the ground.  Now just pump your legs in to your butt and then out straight in a “V”.  In and out is one.   


50 Side Lunges with Kick: Stand with your feet farther than shoulder’s width apart.  Lunge to your right as low as you can and come back up.  When you come back up, kick with your right foot to your right.  Now do the left side.  Each lunge counts as one.   


26 High Push-up / Dancer Bridge: Watch the Video! From high push up position lower to the floor, bend your right leg, heel to the ceiling.  Twist to the left and bring that right foot to the ground.  Now you’re facing the ceiling.  Your right foot should be flat on the ground and your right arm should be reaching to the ceiling.  Push into the floor and raise your butt to the ceiling.  Now, dip your butt and push back up.  Your right foot swings back around to high push up position. That’s one.   


200 Jumping Jacks   


25/25 Side Plank Dips: We’ve done these before.  You can do them with your elbow on the ground or with your palm on the ground, doesn’t matter, which ever feels good.  Get in a side plank position with your left arm to the ceiling and your body facing to the left.  Dip your hip to the floor while maintaining your balance.  Bring it back up to plank.  That’s one.  Do 25 on each side.   


50 Squats:  Feet shoulder width, squat low and come back up.  If you’re capable you can add weight by wearing a backpack or holding a dumbbell.  There are several options for how to do this.  I demonstrate a few of these possibilities, all of which change the intensity. 


50 Reverse Plank Knee Tucks:  Get into reverse plank position (facing the ceiling instead of the ground).  Tuck your knee to your chest and return it to the floor.  Alternate.  Each tuck is one.   


200 Jumping Jacks   


25 Toe Touch V’s:  I can’t actually touch my toes on these because I think I’m built wrong or something.  Anyway, just do a “V” and come back to the floor.   


25/25 Front/Back Kicks:  Do a front kick then a back kick with the same foot.  You can touch the ground after each kick if you’d like based on how much balance you have.  Front and back is one.  Do 25 on each side.   


Here is the video:   


4 Responses to “Loving Jumping Jacks”
  1. BigLittleWolf March 11, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    Jumping Jacks are most excellent for men, and women with a certain body type. Those of us endowed with certain assets simply cannot indulge in this exercise comfortably.

    But I do enjoy watching fit men engage. (And I’ll stick to my brisk walking and a little stretching.)
    .-= BigLittleWolf´s last blog ..Are French Men Irresistible? =-.

    • Keith March 13, 2010 at 8:38 am #

      Wolf: I guess you’re right about the jumping jacks thing. It’s easy to forget that some moves like that wouldn’t work for certain anatomical reasons!

  2. pat wausau self defense April 17, 2010 at 1:07 am #

    That work out is enough to kill ya. That is not just loving jumping jacks, it is knocking yourself out for jumping jacks. I will use some of these in my Karate class drills.
    .-= pat wausau self defense´s last blog ..Bullied/Self Defense =-.


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