12 Point Workout Jump Rope

By: Keith


I forgot to post a workout this Wednesday like I normally do, so this is a make-up.  The workout should take about 25 minutes, give or take a few.  It’s another full body workout that I think is quite challenging.  You’ll get a good abdominal burn while also strengthening your legs, butt and chest.  However, abs work is never useful without also a little bit of emphasis on the lower and mid back.  Thus, a few of these moves, you’ll notice, give attention to that area.  Don’t forget on the squats to keep your back flat.  It’s a lower back exercise as well.   


Warm up: run in place for 2 minutes and light stretch 


2 Minutes Jump Rope 


25 L Sit-ups:  Lie on your back with arms pointing to the ceiling.  Sit up as straight as possible and reach for the ceiling keeping you back flat.  You should be able to feel it in your abs and your lower back.  Don’t slump your back at the top. 


15-50 Push-ups:  Don’t jerk or otherwise go too fast.  Medium speed.  Go a fist’s distance to the ground with your chest and evenly push back up.  Keep everything flat and controlled.  Do them until you can’t do any more. 


50 Squats with Weight:  Either hold a bar on your shoulders, wear a backpack or grab some weights at your sides.  Keep your feet flat on the floor and look directly at the wall in front of you. Squat down slowly and raise back up either slowly or at medium speed. 


2 minutes Jump Rope 


25 Leg Lift Abs:  Lie on your back.  Raise your legs to the ceiling and keep the straight.  Raise your head off the ground and put your hands behind your head with your elbows out.  Lower them and raise them with your toes pointed, knees straight. 


15-50 Decline Push-ups:  Put your feet up on a chair and do push-ups.  Same as before.  Don’t go too fast. Do them to failure. 


50 Side Lunges with Kick:  Feet hip’s width apart, step and lunge to the right and come back up.  When you get up do a side kick with your heel to the right.  Repeat on the other side.  That’s 2.  Don’t worry about form.  This is an exercise not Kung Fu class.  


2 Minutes Jump Rope 


50 Cross Body Crunches (medium speed):  Lie on your back and bring your knees towards your chest.  Your hands should be behind your head with your elbows flat out (not by your ears).  Cross your body with your right elbow and touch your left knee while your right leg extends straight at 45 degrees.  Twist as much as you can and look behind you on each move.  Alternate sides. 


20 Alternating Pointer Push-ups:  Get in plank position.  Raise your right arm and left leg off the ground at the same time and put them back down.  Do a push up in between and then do the same with the left arm and right leg.  The pointing motion works your shoulders, butt and back while the push up works your arms and chest.  It’s also a fantastic balance move.  Keep your feet apart to facilitate the move. 


1 Minute Wall Squats:  Sit against a wall with your knees at 90 degrees for 1 minute (or as long as you can).


Here is the video:

5 Responses to “12 Point Workout Jump Rope”
  1. Mocha Dad April 21, 2010 at 1:47 pm #

    Are you trying to kill me?
    .-= Mocha Dad´s last blog ..15 Books For Today’s Parents =-.

    • Keith April 21, 2010 at 9:46 pm #

      MochaDad: I promise I am not :-)

  2. sara October 4, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    Thanks for a wonderful post … I can see why Mocha Dad commented “Are you trying to kill me ? ” lol That is a common response i get when ever i tell my friends or family to pick up a jump rope.. just the thought of it drives them nuts : )

  3. Jean December 30, 2011 at 6:49 pm #


    How often do we have to do this routine? like how many times in the week?? and do u have an alimentation suggestion to make it more effective?

    Thanks, (:

    • Keith December 30, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

      Jean: The main thing to keep in mind with any workout is to allow time for muscles to rest between days. Thus, if you have an especially difficult day on, say, legs then you should take a day to recover by doing some other workout that focuses on another muscle group. I can do this jump rope routine every day (I could, but I never do) but someone else might only be able to start once or twice a week. Either way is fine. The point is to do something enough to get better but not so much that you can’t recover. It’s fun to mix up workouts — perhaps pick three per week so that that you can do each one twice (6 days) during the week.

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