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Brewing Tea (Video)

Posted 07 July 2009 | By | Categories: Videos | 7 Comments

This video is intended to supplement my articles on hydration and tea.  I drink mostly tea and thought it would be helpful to show how I do it.  It’s easy to do and with the right tea, much cheaper than store bought drinks.  I don’t go into much detail because the point is simply to demonstrate […]

Starting to Get Fit: Hydration

Posted 06 July 2009 | By | Categories: Fitness & Nutrition | 23 Comments

Parents need to be fit, too.  I’ve mentioned it before, the benefits of being fit for parents.  Now it is time to get specific with details.  Hydration and nutrition are the first steps.  Nobody should ever begin a workout without first being properly hydrated.  The reasons being are obvious; the higher our heart-rates the more […]