Learning German Week 6: Have Some Fun

By: Keith


I‘ve really been on a learning rampage recently.  My language studying went from a modest 1 hour per day when I started to almost 3 hours a day in the last several weeks.  When I learned Spanish I remember getting frequent headaches from constantly trying to process new words.  I didn’t think it was possible to think so hard that it’d hurt.  But, I learned that it’s entirely possible.  In fact, I spent several months in complete frustration because I didn’t feel like I was improving.  In December (1996) I went home to Boston for Christmas, and I didn’t speak any Spanish for 3 weeks.  I thought the layoff would hurt, and I thought I’d be forced to start a few steps behind to get caught up when I began studying again.  That wasn’t the case at all.  When I got back to Mexico I was surprised to find that my Spanish had actually improved during my rest time.  So that’s my lesson for today.  Studying hard is good, but you’ve got to change your routine once in a while and keep learning fun.  I’m still going strong in Rosetta Stone and Barron’s, but this week I’m going to concentrate on Garfield.  In terms of how far I’ve come, Garfield is right up my alley.  Faust?  No, not exactly.  But, to be able to grasp the meaning of a book that was printed for a German speaking audience (rather than a text book), no matter how simple, is an accomplishment. Next week I’ll get back to talking about Barron’s or Rosetta Stone.


Garfield in German:


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  1. Edil March 6, 2011 at 5:25 am #

    I agree. While learning, we should have some fun as well! I have a foreign language class at school. I took Mandarin. It’s a hard one but I have a friend who’s also taking it so it’s a little fun especially when we speak the language in our own creative way! We even put some chinese words in our facebook statuses! :)

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