Agenor Limón Ruiz:


Agenor Limón works at UCI, Irvine.  He did his Masters and PhD in Physiologic Sciences at the Physiology Institute of Puebla, Mexico (BUAP).  He is currently in his post PhD at UCI working on the properties of Neurotransmission Receptors in Neurological illnesses.



 Angie Bailey Grimes:


Angie received a BBA from the University of Oklahoma, where she majored in Accounting.  After restaurant management, retail management and banking she finally found her true calling as a stay at home mom.  She has 2 awesome kids, a loving husband and a fluffy gray cat.  She loves Reece’s Pieces, Coach Purses, libraries, and watching LOST.  She also runs WylieMom.Com where she teaches people how to save money without sacrificing the good life.



Benjamin the Rad Dad:


Benjamin is the “Rad Dad”, at least according to his kids. He is the father of 11… fish and 3 daughters. His blog, Rad Dad)”, is parenting from a dad’s perspective. He wants to help counter all the ‘Mommy Blogs’ out there.


Chris Bourret:


Chris lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife and daughter (Soon to be two!). His fondest memory growing up in Canada is how his mom would warm his toque every morning in the oven before riding his pet polar bear to school. Cable guy by day, blogger by night, Chris spends his free time blogging about practical advice about fatherhood at


Dennis Yu:

Dennis Yu is co-founder and CTO of, providing leading edge local search solutions for regional, national and international multi-location and franchised enterprises. Over the last 3 years, he has guided the development of an ad serving platform that garners PPC, SEO, email, and social media traffic, optimizing campaigns to online and offline conversions via phone, lead generation, online ordering, and coupon redemption..  You can read Dennis’ persoal blog here.



Danny Grubb:

Danny lives in Seattle with his wife and twin girls.  Although his parenting knowledge is not very extensive, he believes that any Dad – regardless of experience – has a story to tell and advice to give.  His goal for Glad Dads was to form a repository of advice for new Dads (and more selfishly, to further his own learning on all things regarding Daddyhood)


Margie Hord Méndez:

Margarita (Margie) Hord de Méndez, Honduran born Canadian, naturalized Mexican, mother to 2 children and grandmother to 4.   La Leche League Leader for 20 plus years and Founder of La Leche League in Puebla, México.  Linguist, studying indigenous languages, teacher, writer, translator.  Currently residing in Puebla, México.  You can read more about Margie on her personal blog here.


Janice Cruikshank:


Janice Cruikshank is Keith Wilcox’s biological mother.  Her life has been happy, sad and in between. She has dealt with the happiness of having three children as well as the heartbreak and realization that she could, because of financial reasons, only care for one.  She briefly attended college, but found the education stilted and lacking depth; it was not for her.  She is an avid reader and self-taught cultural historian; her historical knowledge of the beach communities of Los Angeles County is impressive.  Her experiences and stories are rife with the realism that only an uncompromising life can offer.



Mely Wilcox:


Mely Wilcox was born in Mexico but moved to the US in 1997.  She is the mother of 2 great kids, and the wife of a crazy dude named Keith Wilcox.  She has a law degree from the University of Puebla, and an Associates degree in Interior Design.  She spends her time doing SEO, writing and doing translations.

Papa K:

Papa K is an extroverted-introvert Hell bent on becoming not only a successful blogger… but a successful blogger that writes about nothing in particular.  In an overcrowded “industry”, where themed blogs seem to generate a high number of readers, he’s looking at breaking that mold and eventually becoming bigger than Google.  Help him reach his goal at his personal blog: Hands To War.


Sean Polay:


By day, Sean Polay is Product Manager for distributed media for Dow Jones Local Media Group.  By night, he is Commuter Daddy, a blogger chronicling life of a family man on the road, one drive at a time.  When he’s not traversing the country in the name of distributed media, Polay, his wife and their three boys do their best to keep the sand between their toes near their home on Cape Cod.



Stefan Lanfer:


Stefan Lanfer is a Boston-based dad of two, playwright, and foundation strategy guy.  He blogs about “the big mysteries revealed in the small moments” of fatherhood at, and about finding time and ways to hang in there with the work you are most passionate about, even when there is no time, and when there seems to be no way at The Write Map.   Lanfer is the author of The Faith of a Child and Other Stories of Becoming and Being Dad - a must read for any dad-to-be freaking out about the unknowns to come.


Tamy Pelletier:


Tamy is Keith’s twin sister.  This is what she has to say about herself: “I’ve lived on the West Coast and the East Coast.  I’ve traveled in Europe and the Far East.  I’ve spent winters in the Bering Sea wondering when the sun would come out and summers on the Equator trying any way I could to escape it.  I’ve been a runner and a writer.  Along the way I tried to take stock.  For most of my life I was headed in the direction I was going absolutely full bore.  For a little while I thought I had it all figured out, but life has a way of exposing you for the fraud that you are even when you thought you were being sincere.  I easily divide my life into before and after meeting my birth mother. (Thanks to my brother, who knew what he needed and took me along for the ride.  I’m forever indebted).  I’m married with three young kids.  They have enriched my life in ways I did not know possible, and I pray that I can do the same for them.  My experience has taught me a lot about balance.  I’ve come to see life is about finding that balance in this inherently unbalanced world and that it is not an easy task.”



Trevor Wilson:


Trevor Wilson is the co-founder of where their motto is, “total potential in kids”! They believe kids have many talents and gifts to give the world. Too often we hold them back.  Tootlee is about letting people see how capable, gifted and talented kids really are!  These amazing kids are making relevant and real contributions to our world.  Stop by and see their Tootlee kids.