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How to Work Out While Traveling

Posted 28 April 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 18 Comments

Traveling excludes the ability to bring along your weights. However, the real reason it screws up your exercise routine doesn’t have anything to do with space or facilities. Traveling messes with your workouts because it also messes with your schedule. Exercise is something people do as a routine. Fit people, in general, incorporate fitness into […]

12 Point Workout Jump Rope

Posted 16 April 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 5 Comments

  I forgot to post a workout this Wednesday like I normally do, so this is a make-up.  The workout should take about 25 minutes, give or take a few.  It’s another full body workout that I think is quite challenging.  You’ll get a good abdominal burn while also strengthening your legs, butt and chest.  However, abs […]

No Warm Up Workout

Posted 31 March 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 2 Comments

Here is a strengthening workout of approximately 30 minutes that doesn’t require a warm up beforehand.  Some of the exercises will be hard at the beginning.  Don’t get discouraged; they will become easier as you gain strength and flexibility.  Watch the video at the end to see a demonstration of each exercise.  Do your best and […]

How to Work Out if You are Injured

Posted 24 March 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 14 Comments

  Updated Wrist Info at Bottom!   See that big lump on the thumb side of my wrist?  That’s not a bone; it’s some sort of — hmmm, I don’t know what it is except that it’s not supposed to be there, and it feels squishy.  Somehow I injured myself the other day while playing with the […]

Advanced Cardio Leg Strength

Posted 17 March 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 7 Comments

       Watch the video at the end of the descriptions!       This workout took me 21 minutes including my warm-up.  I could have done two rounds and made it a killer workout, but I wasn’t up for it this morning.  As it is it’s still advanced.  If you can do two rounds, you’re a […]

Loving Jumping Jacks

Posted 10 March 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 4 Comments

     Watch the demo video at the end of the descriptions!              This is a 20 minute cardio workout.  It’s quick, it’s relatively easy and it’s definitely refreshing.  It alternates between easy jumping jacks, abs and hip and butt moves.  You’ll like it.         2 Minutes Run in Place         200 Jumping Jacks         […]

Workout Martial Arts Style

Posted 03 March 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 17 Comments

  Check the video at the end of the descriptions below.  This is a beginner martial arts workout but an intermediate cardio workout.  Thus you don’t need to be great, or even remotely accurate, with the moves to get a good workout.  Over time though the moves become easier, your balance improves and your strength […]

15 Minute Core Workout

Posted 24 February 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 10 Comments

   The demo video is at the end of the article.   No explanation necessary.  This is an abs workout that covers every bit of your mid section.  There are ways to make this workout more challenging.  Fo instance put a weight on your chest for the crunches is one way.  You could weight your […]

Isometric Awesomeness

Posted 17 February 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 3 Comments

             See video at the bottom.      Exercise time, folks!  This time we’re going to utilize the awesomeness that is isometric muscle strengthening.  Isometrics, very simply, are exercises that are performed in a static position and where the target muscle contracts and stays contracted throughout the exercise.  Sometimes isometrics can be just as hard as tradition muscle […]

Wednesday Workout: A 9 Minute Circuit

Posted 10 February 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 8 Comments

     Wednesday Again!  That means it’s time for another workout.  Today I’m introducing a variable workout — something you can do in a single 9 minutes or to use as a circuit and do as many as you’d like.  I did two this morning, the first in 8:45 and the second in 8:30.  It’s fun and […]

Wednesday Home Workout: Complete Upper Body

Posted 03 February 2010 | By | Categories: Workouts | 3 Comments

   Wednesday Workout:  The Upper Body Ouch!   It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for another workout.  Today I’m introducing a good upper body workout.  It takes 25-30 minutes and, at the end, you’ll feel like you’ve completed a full upper body routine.  In the video (at the bottom of this page) you’ll notice that […]