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Interviewing The Kids

Posted 29 August 2009 | By | Categories: Videos | 5 Comments

I periodically like to interview my kids about stuff they like to do, things they study, and places they like to go.  Usually it’s pretty standard stuff, but sometimes they say things that are uniquely revealing.  Parents tend to forget, as kids age, how their children’s brains worked in years past.  Obviously, a 5 year […]

Talking about funerals (Video)

Posted 15 July 2009 | By | Categories: Videos | 2 Comments

This is me interviewing Neil and Alan about our upcoming trip to NC to attend the funeral of their great-grandma.  

How to prepare Matcha (video)

Posted 08 July 2009 | By | Categories: Videos | 3 Comments

Matcha is the powdered version of Tencha.  It is a shade grown tea that is high in amino acids and chlorophyll.  It is probably the most healthy of all teas simply by virtue of it being entirely consumed rather than steeped.  It is highly relaxing while still having a high cafeine content (which seems antithetical but […]

Brewing Tea (Video)

Posted 07 July 2009 | By | Categories: Videos | 7 Comments

This video is intended to supplement my articles on hydration and tea.  I drink mostly tea and thought it would be helpful to show how I do it.  It’s easy to do and with the right tea, much cheaper than store bought drinks.  I don’t go into much detail because the point is simply to demonstrate […]