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Jonny Chan of TBG Digital is a Weasel

Posted 03 January 2012 | By | Categories: guest posts, SEO & SEM | 1 Comment

FF Today we have a guest post by Dennis Yu. Jonny Chan of TBG Digital is a Weasel by Dennis Yu Jonny Chan is a clever kid.  He’s worked on some of the largest Facebook ad campaigns to deliver tremendous results.  But two years ago, he knew little about Facebook ads.  He messaged me constantly, […]

How to Get 1000 Comments With Little to no Effort

Posted 12 November 2011 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 6 Comments

A friend of mine wrote what has become Almightydad’s most commented on article. The article has 1,054 comments as of yesterday and has shown no ebb. Almost every day I get one or two, and it’s been more than a year since publication. The subject of the article is an MLM company called Send Out […]

You Have a Voice: Be a Contributor on Almightydad!

Posted 27 September 2010 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 10 Comments

       It’s not exactly breaking news that guest posting is the number one way to increase your blog’s power. Guest posts provide you with valuable links that are worth much more than a ubiquitous and weak blog roll link. Of course it’s nice to have any link, including blog roll links, because they do slightly […]

Stay at Home Dads – The Deadly – Invisible Entrepreneurs

Posted 30 August 2010 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 11 Comments

A guest post by Dennis Yu           Two of my friends that are stay at home dads have sold their companies for over $100 million in the last year.  One runs a weight loss community and another runs an advertising company.  This is not an anomaly and we’ll discuss why you’ll see more of […]

Why The Trump Network Failed for Stay at Home Moms

Posted 18 May 2010 | By | Categories: guest posts, SEO & SEM | 10 Comments

This is a guest post by Dennis Yu.     Donald Trump sold his name to an MLM company.  With a name like Donald Trump, you’d imagine it would be selling real estate investment guides, right?  Nope.  They’re peddling three products– a nutritional supplement called Custom Essentials, a weight loss product called Silhouette Solution, and […]

ChatToText Exposed- MLM scam on Facebook and Twitter

Posted 25 March 2010 | By | Categories: guest posts, SEO & SEM | 16 Comments

In his fight against MLM scams, here is another guest post by Dennis Yu.             Have you seen ChatToText?  Sign up for $5.99 a month, which then allows you to enroll others at $5.99 a month.  The more folks you have under you, the more money you can make.  Get in on the ground floor now […]

Dear Colorado-based Amazon Associate: Your Government Sucks

Posted 08 March 2010 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 25 Comments

      I‘m astounded at the absolute incompetence of our politicians.  I got this letter today from Amazon letting me know that my affiliate account has been closed.  Thanks to our completely idiotic Governor (Ritter) and the General Assembly (who passed this bill, HB 10-1193) it doesn’t look like there’s much hope for affiliates here […]

You Never Know What’ll Be Popular

Posted 25 February 2010 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 12 Comments

  I‘ve written a lot of articles this year (over 300).  Most of them don’t get very much traffic.  A few of them though surprise me and get tons of traffic.  I’ve tried to figure out the pattern, but I don’t think there is one.  The explanation for why some posts do well and other […]

Need money now? My secret to Internet millions!

Posted 05 January 2010 | By | Categories: guest posts, SEO & SEM | 10 Comments

  A guest post by Dennis Yu        Got your attention, didn’t I?  Well that line got my attention earlier today, when some guy sent me this email:    “I noticed that you work in helping people get traffic from SEO and social media.  I used to work for a company that did mentoring to help […]

Blogging is Easy Peasy!

Posted 12 December 2009 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 14 Comments

  I wrote a guest article for today.  Go see it!  The article in question is Blogging is as Simple as Pulling your Head out of your Ass.   Blogging is painfully simple.  I’ve talked to people who say they want to blog, but they’re afraid of technology.  They want to write but they’re afraid of […]

Send Out Cards: You’ve Been Had!

Posted 18 November 2009 | By | Categories: SEO & SEM | 1,329 Comments

A guest post by Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal, provider of local Internet advertising services.         A quick primer on It is a MLM scheme, like many other MLM schemes.  It just happens to be one of the newest, and it’s popular with stay at home parents who can’t work outside their homes. The […]