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Today I had a lousy day!

Posted 14 August 2012 | By | Categories: guest posts, Parenting | 1 Comment

Today we have a guest post by Margie Hord Méndez. Today I had a lousy day! Our first-grader Steve was excited about reading and writing, so we hung up a calendar in his room for him to mark the passing of time and record events. Once, at the end of a month I happened to […]

“Boy” Activities With 3 Daughters!

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Today we have a gust post by Ben from My RadDad. Hello! My name is Ben and I have a blog called MyRadDad (you can check it out if you’d like). I have 3 daughters. I am surrounded by so much pink. Pink isn’t the result of just having girls, all the pink is because […]

Coloring Sheets: Easter Bunnies

Posted 22 April 2011 | By | Categories: Parenting | 2 Comments

ll Hello everybody!  Today we present Easter Bunnies.  As always, click over the image to get the PDF version you can print.  Leave us your requests under the comments section and visit our previous coloring sheets here.   Enjoy the holiday! ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll

Too Much TV = Psychological Problems

Posted 10 January 2011 | By | Categories: Parenting | 8 Comments

    From the department of No Shit, Really?-How-Did-You-Deduce-That? (University of Bristol in England) comes news that kids who spend too much time in front of a flickering screen (be it television or the computer) feel more lonely and sad.  In fact there appears to be a direct correlation between depression and screen time; the more […]

Disobedient Kid? Maybe All He Needs is More Freedom

Posted 05 January 2011 | By | Categories: Parenting | 5 Comments

       I wouldn’t say my boy is inherently obstinate.  Usually he goes along with the flow just fine.  But, as he’s gotten a little older (8 now) he has definitely developed the art of saying no.  There are times that I know his resistance is just his way of asserting his own independence, and I […]

A Swearing Toy

Posted 01 January 2011 | By | Categories: Parenting | 9 Comments

     I woke up this morning intending to write something else, but I ran across an article from The Sun that I couldn’t resist.  It’s about a toy that has taught a 3 year old girl to swear.  It’s one of those teaching toys that’s supposed to teach the phonetic alphabet.  Kids press a letter, […]

Toys are a Waste of Money

Posted 29 December 2010 | By | Categories: Parenting | 15 Comments

       It has happened to us repeatedly.  One of the boys accumulates some money and decides to use it to buy a toy.  We then spend 30 minutes looking around the Target toy isles to find the toy that’s just right.  Then we buy it and take it home.  In about the same time it takes to pick […]

Letting the Kids Stay up Late for Special Events

Posted 21 December 2010 | By | Categories: Parenting | 7 Comments

    Most parents are like me.  If there’s some mitigating, exciting circumstance, we let out kids stay up late to experience it.  Last night, for instance, we had a total lunar eclipse that I let the boys stay up to watch.  It happens that this eclipse occurred on the winter solstice, which hasn’t happened in […]

10 Essential Parenting Skills

Posted 22 November 2010 | By | Categories: Parenting | 9 Comments

  Dr. Robert Epstein has done something interesting.  He has, with the help of other researchers, compiled a list of the 10 most valuable parenting competencies.  He gathered information from 2,000 parents who answered questions about their kids and who also took an online test that was designed by Dr. Epstein.  There were 10 skills that were selected by Dr. Epstein for being the most predictive, according to […]

Discipline yourself Before You Discipline your Kid

Posted 20 November 2010 | By | Categories: Parenting | 11 Comments

     I’ve seen plenty of unruly kids.  Stay-at-home-parents, myself included, develop an awareness for the behavior and interactions of other kids with their parents.  I think it’s because we subconsciously (or not) compare other people’s methods with our own.   We smirk a little when we see someone who’s not quite as competent, as if their failure […]

Older, Slower, Weaker, Dumber: When Will Your Kid Overtake You?

Posted 15 November 2010 | By | Categories: Parenting | 11 Comments

       Neil is 7, and he thinks I’m beatable.  A few months ago he started boasting that he thought he could beat me in a race to the mailbox.  I immediately said “HA!  I might be old, kid, but you won’t beat me until you’re at least 13.”  Being pretty much just like me in […]