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Friday’s Story #8

Posted 21 August 2009 | By | Categories: featured, Fridays' Stories | 3 Comments

Jeans By Keith Wilcox   The mall was organized chaos.  There were no signs saying walk on the right, but people, for the most part, walked on the right.  Every so often there would be a guy, usually a guy, who bucked the trend and walked against the flow.  The flow was ambivalent; it treated the […]

Homeschooling and Socialization

Posted 20 August 2009 | By | Categories: Education, featured | 48 Comments

     I hear it all the time.  The first thing people ask me when I tell them I homeschool my kids is, “Well, what about social interaction?”  There is clearly a perception that homeschooled kids are ill adjusted compared to their publicly schooled counterparts.  Frankly, anybody who suggests that my kids are socially awkward, […]

Home Schooling Vs. Public Schooling

Posted 19 August 2009 | By | Categories: Education, featured | 20 Comments

I spent 75 bucks buying school supplies for my two kids this year.  I knew my total expenses were lower than what most parents of public schooled kids spend.  My method for figuring out that I pay less is not exactly scientific.  What I did was post what I spent on my facebook page with […]

Father/Son Activities

Posted 18 August 2009 | By | Categories: featured, Parenting | 14 Comments

   Being a stay at home dad means I do things differently, in many ways, than my wife would chose to do them.  That means my kids will have a different, but not better, experience being with me all the time than they would with my wife.  These differences manifest themselves in all sorts of […]

Getting a Dog

Posted 17 August 2009 | By | Categories: featured, Parenting | 8 Comments

   I‘m not a cat person.  I don’t dislike them; I just love dogs.  Yesterday we went to an open air mall to walk around and grab a coffee.  Parked outside the coffee shop was the Boulder Humane Society‘s mobile pet adoption truck.  Standing outside the truck on the curb were three adoptable dogs.  Being […]