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Extreme Dog Houses

Posted 11 March 2010 | By | Categories: Fashion | 11 Comments

  We have a bunny, not a dog.  I’ve had dogs before though.  They’ve all been inside pets, and I considered them part of the family – in a pet sort of way.  The thing about dogs is that they make great companions; they’re loyal and, unless they’re toy breeds, good workers.  Dogs all have […]

Dress the Part

Posted 30 May 2009 | By | Categories: Fashion | 7 Comments

              “What part?” you may ask. “I’m a parent, and parents don’t have time to look put together and stylish.”  Yes, yes they do.  And if you don’t take time to look good then you will not feel good and you’ll begin acting like a slob.  Don’t be a slob.  Take pride […]