Top Dad Blogs – June, 2009

By: Keith

1 geek dad snap

Geek Dads Geeky slant on parenting. One of my favorites.

2 dad blogs snap

Dad Blogs Huge network for all kinds of dads.

3 great dad snap

Great Dad Family advice from a man’s perspective.

4 dads labs snap

Dad Labs Tons of video advice. Very practical advice.

5 dads worksheets snap

Dads Worksheets

Perfect for homeschooling since it’s all about teaching math, by a dad.

6 discovering dad snap

Discovering Dad Another well designed pleasant site with really good articles.

7 dictionary for dad snap

Dictionary For Dad Lots and lots of links.

8 glad dads snap

Glad Dads Really nice design. Good smattering of topics. Looks promising.

9 spark plugging snap

Spark Plugging Seems to have a marketing/work from home angle.

10 dads house snap

Dad’s House Funny anecdotes of a single dad of teens.

11 Meta Dad Reviews and advice on all kinds of kid products, from a dad point of view.

12 Gay Dads in Munchkin Land Gay parents who decided to adopt. Interesting new perspective.

13 Dad Gone Mad Stories and anecdotes of a dad.

14 Dad Centric Guy talking about father/husband stuff with a few entries from the wife.

15 Family Health and Home Some interesting parenting articles that are not “father” specific.

16 Dad to Two Funny stories and postings from a dad of two.

17 Metro Dad Stories and points of view of a Korean dad.

18 Book Dads Children books reviewed by a dad.

19 DIY Father Well designed site and well written articles.

20 Green Dads Parenting stories from a gay couple who adopted.

21 Dadz Contains good information – but no new posts.

22 Mocha Dad Personal stories of parenthood.

23 The Natural Papa “Tree hugging dirt worshiper” parent. Interesting and funny.

24 The Busy Dad Blog Dad stories that are not always dad specific. Family oriented.

25 Daddyshack Miscellaneous anecdotes from a dad point of view.

26 Hot Dads Series of comments and opinions by what appears to be a conglomerate of dads.

27 Nuclear Family Warhead A dad and his family adventures.

28 Clark Kent’s Lunchbox Good writing, funny guy.

29 Smart Fathers Fatherhood and miscellaneous rambling (his take on it, not mine).

30 The Dad Jam Good parenting advice.

31 BellaDaddy Experiences of a stay at home dad with his daughter.

32 Our Baby of Love Singaporean family talking about their 1 year old boy, Darius.

33 Real Man Drive Minivans Real men drive minivans – apparently.

34 Laid-Off Dad Guy who lost his job and decided to stay with the kids.

35 Peas and Bananas Random parenting advice.

36 All About Baby Really compelling stories. But, posts are sporadic.

37 Doo Daddy Stay at home dad with two young kids under three year old.

38 Cheeky’s/Hideaway Guy compiled a top 25 songs from the last 25 years. Also talking dad stuff.

39 New Dad for Life Very new blog. But it’s promising. A nice guy giving heartfelt advice.

40 Rice Daddies Group of dads who get together for activity times with their kids.

41 Husbands & Dads Nice articles but no recent posts.

42 Ser Papa Spanish language blog from a guy talking about fatherhood. Good if you speak Spanish (which I do).

43 Genuine Funny guy but nothing new for a while.

44 D is for Dad Nice design. Good posts. Easy to read.

45 Steely Dad Sporadic postings, but good articles.

46 Always Home and Uncool Freelance writer and Dad.

47 Family Dads Advice from dads to other dads on how to be better fathers and leaders of their families.

48 A Blogger and a Father Good information, good pictures, good writing.

49 Fighting Monsters Story of a dad and his daughter (who cannot talk), how they deal with it and what they’ve been able to accomplish.

50 Dad Thing Family stories from a father.

51 Father and Sons Clean design, technology, fatherhood, politics.
52 A Child’s View of the World Family photos in almost every post.
53 Daddy Festo Interesting bits of parenting information.
54 Reinventing Dad Funny stories and daily family events.
55 Fussy Ninja Personal information from dad caring for his small son.
56 Father for Life Emotional dealings with partial custody and divorce.
57 Path of Fatherhood Indirect advice on how to prepare for your first kid from a dad’s own experiences told in a funny way.
58 Parenting Joys … Personal stories from a dad with a daughter.
59 Cool Dad Central Has good info but has not had new articles since April.
60 Writer Dad A dad who is a writer.
61 Daddy’s Toolbox Miscellaneous stories from a dad. No posts since April.
62 Parent Warrior (Where I Stand) Series of opinions on a myriad of topics (including parenting). Sporadic postings.
63 Joeprah Stories from a stay at home dad. No posts since April.
64 Rude Cactus Nice design.
65 Backpacking Dad Everyday stories from a guy who likes backpacking.
66 The Daddy Files First time dad and his experiences with that.
67 Being Michael’s Daddy A dad with a daughter.
68 Zoe’s Dad Zoe’s Dad.
69 The Dad Man Joe is a self-help author and speaker of parenting related stuff.
70 The Fit and Busy Dad Fitness advice for dads.
71 Dad of Divas A guy with daughters. Wants to “regain control of his kingdom”.
72 Busy-Dad-E Guy calling himself dad-e. He’s got some interesting stuff to say.
73 Good Father Blog Good stories, but no posts since May.
74 Single Parent Plus 2 Dealings of a single father.
75 Dorky Dad Dad stories from a self proclaimed dork.
76 Family Man Online lots of articles, but sporadic posts.
77 Raging Dad “Exploring the mercurial nature of fatherhood”.
78 Honea Express This blog has been going since 05. Bunch of stories of dad’s experiences with his family.
79 Dad’s News Christian fatherhood advice.
80 Literal Dan Random funny stuff from a stay at home dad.
81 Dad Treck I like his design. He talks about everything family related.
82 I have to wipe his what? Surfing dad. Nice design and unique stories.
83 My Grimm Reality Marriage, Fatherhood, Life.
84 Dad or Bust Nice stories but no articles since November.
85 Wisdom Begins in Wonder Worth a glance but not active anymore.
86 In Search of Fatherhood A more cerebral take on fatherhood and manhood in general.
87 Simple Father Good advice. Random categories.
88 Dut Duts and Gonuts Retired Marine doing cool stuff with his two boys.
89 Dad’s Workbench Stories of a daddy and his baby girl. Fairly new site (just hit 100 posts).
90 Adventures Of A Stay At Home Dad Seems like a self help guy. Talks about MLM.
91 Worried Dad Tin foil hat dad. Funny.
92 Safe Teen Driving Club A dad wanting to help teenagers. Last blog post was from Sept of 08.
93 Lemon Drizzle A dad about his family adventures. Not much content.
94 Daddy’s Tired Newer blog (couple months) with articles and advice for fathers from a father.
95 Dad (That) Is Life! Interesting fatherly advice of all sorts, but posts stopped coming in December of last year.
96 Dad to 2 Guy who likes pinching pennies, fishing, and outdoor photography. Oh, and parenting.
97 Great Father of Twins Father of twins giving advice. Sporadic postings.
98 Daddy Geek Boy Random dad musings of a geek.
99 Dad Writings A dad with a special needs child.
100 Special Needs in Munchkin Land Advice from a father for children with special needs.
101 Maya Reads Lots of children’s books reviews.
102 Smart Cookie Dad A dad who has a bunch of non-parenthood related reviews.
103 Being a Good Father Interesting but no activity since January.
104 My SAHD Life Experiences of a stay at home dad raising a child with autistic spectrum disorder.
105 Blog Dad 40 year old dad seeking answers to parenting questions. No activity since September of 08.
106 Beyond The Car Seat Clean design. Some product reviews. Interesting.
107 Memoirs of a Stay At Home Dad Random stories from a guy at home with his daughter.
108 Dad’s ‘Mac & Cheese’ Interesting read with personal tales of fatherhood.
109 Collide and Converge Parenting advice by a pastor. No postings since last year.
110 Baseball, Babies & Beer Funny stories and experiences of a father regarding how he parents and deals with his kids. Not much activity.
111 Being a Daddy A single father of two. That’s gotta be tough.
112 On Being a Dad Miscellaneous comments on random parenting stuff. No activity since 07.
113 Third Time Dad A father of three. Not all dad related stuff. Wish he would post more.
114 Baby Brother Lots and lots of family photos.
115 The Parents Nook Very relevant information. Not sure if it’s a dad giving the advice.
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  1. Dennis Yu December 23, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    This is a great list! It ranks on “top daddy blogs” in Google!

  2. Jose | Geotermia February 10, 2011 at 9:47 am #

    Que bonita la expeciencia de se padre… y que gratificante el que la gente te ayude en la difĂ­cil tarea de educar a un hijo.

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