About Me

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I grew up in Palos Verdes, California, a 10 minute walk to the beach.  I also spent 6 years of my youth in Amherst New Hampshire.  I’ve experienced good friends and good childhood fun.  I’ve enjoyed the Beach, sun, and waves as much as the serenity of uncluttered New Hampshire.  I went to three High Schools, one in Palos Verdes and two in Massachusetts.  The one I graduated from is a private boarding school in Western Massachusetts.  I proudly attended almost every home football game before ultimately graduating from the University of Oklahoma;  I think I majored in Spanish and History.


DSC03408My first job after college was as a computer technician at the University, but that was 12 years ago — I hardly know how to turn one on these days.  My next job was a terrible stint at American Airlines where I dealt with customer complaints all day every day.  Next was a much better job at the electric company where I was a regular Dilbert like analyst — except I did even less work than Dilbert.  Then I had a son and everything changed.  I opened a Martial Arts studio and taught Karate to kids and adults.  It was a family business and I got to spend all day with my kids.  Still, though, I was not truly a stay at home dad.  My wife got a job as a project manager at a construction company in 2004, and that’s when I became a full time stay at home dad.  I have been doing it ever since.  I’ve owned my own business, and been a partner in another.  All the money in the world cannot hold a candle to enjoying time with my kids.


DSC03428I spend my days home schooling my boys, playing, writing insightful articles, studying languages, and exercising.  It is an ideal life, and it is the life I’ve always wanted.  My life will be complete and I can die happy when I know that my kids have grown up to be strong, intelligent, and self sufficient people.  I want to be the guy they can always come back to for advice even when they are grown and have left me behind.  My goal in writing this blog is to research parenting techniques and impart what I have learned to the widest audience possible.   I have methods that have been successful for me and which might also work for anybody reading.  Read my articles and advice and see if I’m right.


You can contact me at: keith@almightydad.com